Why CleanGuard?

Experience & Reputation 1. Experience & Reputation
Our track record and reputation for excellence in providing Security Manpower & Technology. Security is our life.
 Manpower & Technology 2. Manpower & Technology
Our Security officers understand technology and know how to
use it. They are professional and have excellent verbal and written
communication skills.
 Control Room 3. Control Room
Our Control Room gives you a piece of mind that Officers are in
constant contact with Base.
 Professional Uniform 4. Professional Uniform
We require our officers to be clean-cut and in clean uniform at all times.
 Service & Support 5. Service & Support
We strive to be responsive and proactive to offer you the best service and
support possible.
 We Grow With You 6. We Grow With You
Our range of services have been designed to grow with your business needs. You are only a phone call away from adding on extra services as and when you need them.
Free Initial Consultation 7. Free Initial Consultation
We will analyse your site and its security needs, and present you with a
cost effective solution.
 Australian Owned

8. Australian Owned
Big deal you may say, but many of the “big” security companies operating in
Australia are foreign. We are a fully owned Australian Company and
located in Sydney.