Security Products

extinguisherFire Extinguishers – Because of the ever present threat of fire, businesses take every known precaution to equip its premises with adequate fire protection. We sell and service a range of Fire Fighting equipment for your commercial site.




intruderIntruder/Duress Alarms – are systems designed to secure and monitor sites against breaking & entering, damage, or unauthorised intrusions. It can sound like a single dog, multiple dogs, a growling dog, or a piercing alarm tone.




cctvCCTV – are systems designed to provide visual video surveillance, and recording of images from designated areas.





firealarmFire Alarms – are systems designed to monitor the detection of possible heat, smoke and fire breaches on secured sites. Installing Security Alarm Systems can offer you the safety and piece of mind that you want and deserve. Contact us for a free consultation, assessment and quotation.