Case Study

When Dr. Mills of The MRI Diagnostic Centre called us, she was concerned about the MRI Rooms that contain more than 1/2 ton of magnet inside each machine.
Previous problems included cleaners going in with metal objects, keys and watches. They had no supervision, and were not screening employees for “Heart and Brain Implants” that could have lead to severe injuries, or even death.
Regular ugly scratches were discovered, small metal pieces were stuck inside the cylinders that were very hard to pull out.
We were trained and inducted by the centre, and briefed with the characteristics of the MRI Rooms. We have done a great job for years using non-metal equipment and cleaning tools, without any incidents.
Our cleaners were educated with the site and its environments. Before entering these rooms, they knew that they must leave outside their wallets, magnetic cards, keys, watches, etc.
If you have a special site that requires special care and attention, if you have high tech facilities with ultra clean environment; give us a call. We will listen and follow your instructions and do the job the way you want it done, to insure the integrity of your site and the safety of your staff and assets.